Master Class

22nd June

23rd June

You are on the verge of one of the greatest turning points of your life.


Robin Banks is one of the world’s leading authorities on Mind Power and Personal Mastery. The protégé of international best-selling author and teacher John Kehoe, Robin has presented on stage with Brian Tracey, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Demartini, Loral Langemeier and many more. He will give you tools on how you can re-programme your life for outstanding results, discuss the self-talk cycle, how to engage the power of the conscious mind, the mind energy-outcome connection and how to become a magnet for success.

When it comes to Real Estate, no one in New Zealand is personally involved in more transactions than Don Ha. Don Ha has signed over a billion dollars' worth of Real Estate.

In 1995, Don Ha was selling homes in South Auckland for a mere $49,000. Now in 2019, Don Ha is controlling over 2 billion dollars worth of housing developments over the length of New Zealand. On behalf of his clients, he asserts the marketing strategy and brings the best developments to New Zealands' Real Estate market.

Breakthrough with the power of Don Ha. Witness how to change your self-belief in order to achieve the ultimate results.

If you seek more in life and financial freedom for You and Your Family, you cannot afford to miss this Money Power Event.

Is your mind
in the way of the success in your DNA?

Are you success curious? Have you given yourself permission to really achieve what you want out of life?

Calling all success and personal growth minded individuals whether you are a teacher, lawyer, accountant, business leader, investor, developer, home carer, administrator, actor, dancer, athlete, banker or mortgage broker this event is for YOU


“Connect with the constant achiever in you”

- Don Ha

“Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power, it’s potential power. Applied knowledge is power.”

- Robin Banks





Standard Ticket Pricing Start 10 June:$59 per person or $450 per table of 10

Early Bird Pricing:$39 per person or $300 per table of 10

Money Power Masterclass

  • Learn the power of money and how to make it from property
  • How to make additional income on top of your everyday salary
  • How to break through your money mindset and the self-belief barrier
  • How to generate multiple income streams
  • How to rebuild your wealth again and more!
  • How to deal with financial stress, tough times and hitting a brick wall
  • The art of mental strength – the mindset How to make your mind believe you can make a million dollars
  • How to reach your peak performance
  • How to become the top 1% and make it a habit
  • The art of laser guided vision and analysing a property deal
  • The power of achievement and success, the ultimate breakthrough formula

To date, Don Ha has facilitated billions of real estate sales and created extraordinary change in peoples’ lives leading them to a path of certainty and success through proven methodology, personal mentoring and straight out inspirational energy.

To date, Robin Banks has had a changing influence in more than 100,000 peoples’ lives by introducing them to and allowing them to follow mind power techniques.

Money Power - Drive your own future by controlling your mind

Money Power - Real People describe a real experience - plus an excerpt from Robin Banks

join hundreds of other like-minded individuals for an extraordinarily fun and life -transforming day!


“You are greater than you think” - John Kehoe

Mind Power is a phenomenally powerful programme developed by internationally respected John Kehoe and now presented by Robin Banks who continues to wow audiences all over the world.

“Your mind is the key to unlocking your true potential, we are extremely powerful, but most of us don’t recognise this, as a result too many of us bear the weight of failures and disappointments in the belief that life is beyond any kind of real control.”

Note - John Kehoe is not presenting at this event

Are you ready to re-write your Blue print and get the breakthrough within?

follow the path
go where there is
no path
and start a

– Ruby Bridges
Freedom is a state of mind. Act Now

Venue Information

Standard Ticket Pricing Start 10 June:
$59 per person or $450 per table of 10

Early Bird Pricing:
$39 per person or $300 per table of 10

Wellington 22 June

Auckland 23 June

Not suitable for young children – the event is fine for 14 years plus
No Recording of any form

Call : 0800 436 642

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Mega Network Limited and Mind Power International look forward to welcoming you to our Master Class Event